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Are you bothered by your glasses? Can’t tolerate your contact lenses anymore? Then we would be happy to talk to you about your very personal options for fulfilling your desire for glasses-free treatment with an eye laser or lens treatment.

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An eye laser treatment is a fine thing if all medical and optical parameters are right. We will tell you whether this is the case for you or whether a lens implantation might be better.

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Laser eye surgery

The first eye laser treatment, the PRK, was carried out in the early 1980s. Since then, the examination and laser devices have been continuously improved and new laser procedures developed.

The TransPRK is a further development of the PRK, the special feature: the epithelium is not removed manually, but by laser. This leads to a faster wound healing, reduces the common pain with PRK and allows you to see well more quickly.

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With the introduction of the femtosecond laser in the early 2000s, LASIK became Femto-LASIK. With the Femto-LASIK no knife comes to your eye anymore. The typical flap for LASIK is generated with the laser. This innovation made LASIK even safer and more pleasant for you.

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Lens surgery

Although lens surgery has proven itself for decades, it is less well known than laser eye surgery. An artificial lens is particularly suitable for patients who are not suitable for laser eye treatment. May be a good alternative.

A phakic intraocular lens is implanted in front of the natural eye lens. With this additional lens (often referred to as a contact lens in the eye), even very high ametropia – and with the multifocal version even presbyopia – can be corrected.

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With refractive lens exchange, the natural lens is replaced by an artificial lens with your prescription. This method of operation corresponds to that of cataracts. Progressive glasses wearers benefit in particular from the RLA.

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